Why Early Childhood Education?

Starting from the earliest stage offers a young learner their best chance to escape a life of poverty.

Why Early Childhood Education?

High Quality Basic Education

If 49% of students do not move on to middle school, how do we keep them engaged?

High Quality Basic Education

Why Holistic Youth Development?

Impactful programs do not have to be expensive to change lives, but they do have to inspire.

Why Holistic Youth Development?

Arts, Culture, and Community Enrichment

What was the spark that inspired you to learn?

Arts, Culture, and Community Enrichment


Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

Our Early Childhood Education Programs expose impoverished youth to the highest quality of education at an early age, providing a base to build from and the skills to break the cycle of poverty they find themselves in.
High Quality Primary Education

High Quality Primary Education

Innovative education and learning opportunities allow students to develop strong academic skills that set them up for current and future success.
Holistic Youth Development

Holistic Youth Development

Youth development programs protect the basic rights of vulnerable youth, encourage personal growth, prevent engagement in risky behaviors, and develop future leaders.
Arts, Culture & Community Enrichment

Arts, Culture & Community Enrichment

A traditional education does not always ensure a path out of poverty. Students and community members improve their quality of life by engaging in a variety of enrichment activities.



The DREAM Project provides over 600,000 hours of quality education for more than 4,000 children through 14 different programs across 15 communities, affecting the lives of more than 7,000 community members. See map and location details.


I love DREAM because they taught me to respect others, to read, to write and to finish schoolwork. The children do not hit each other and know how to converse. I like to be in DREAM more than in the other school because here my teachers hug me and teach me so much. I have also learned about computers and not to make a lot of noise in the computer room.


I like DREAM because in DREAM I have learned about numbers, to read and to write. Now I know how to use the computer and to write with it also. I like DREAM more than the public school because the children respect my things.


I would love it if everyone realized how incredibly important this free education program is that DREAM offers. It has been a very important experience and I am grateful to DREAM for giving me the opportunity to provide education to our children.

Otoniel, Father of Oralvis

DREAM means a lot to me because they are concerned about education within the community and DREAM helps the children have a better way of life in the future.

The Montessori Program is an adequate way for my son to learn and develop in society. I would like for everyone to know that DREAM is a great family Project and has been an incredible experience for us. I am a beneficiary of the Project and can say they truly reach their objectives.

Maria, Mother of Carlos

For me, A Ganar was a great experience. I can see how it changed my life, my self esteem, my development, my abilities… and I realize how much I am worth. It was spectacular because through all this my attitude improved. I know what I want. I can identify and fight for it!


A Ganar helped me so much because I am really shy, I was even scared to give my resume to a business! I got my job through the program. It helped me to overcome many things. I learned to work in a team, I learned how to use computers and how to make new friends!


I like DREAM because I am learning to read and learning more and more about literacy. I also like that we play sports and can go to the park. I like the teachers because they treat me well and respect everyone!


I like to come to DREAM because they teach me things I don’t know yet, like computers, English and math. I like the classes because there are fewer kids. My favorite class is computers because I can look up homework and use Microsoft Word.


I like to come to DREAM to learn. Also, we go on trips and have a lot of fun. I am learning to play the guitar too and I like that a lot. I like all the classes, but my favorite is math. One day, I would like to go to the University and be a lawyer.


I liked learning a new language, how to use a computer, how to interview, public speaking, sports and a bit of disipline too. I am different now. I improved my Spanish and I didn’t note any racism within our group. It wasn’t like the Dominicans were on one side and the Haitians on the other: we were a united group. Now, I know how to look for a job.


A Ganar revolutionized my life in terms of the way I envision sports and my professional development. The things that seemed obvious had a profound significance. I applied what I learned in different aspects of my life. I learned to speak in public, to relate to people. I think I was very lucky to be part of the A Ganar group because it opened doors for me. Now I am not afraid of new people and I have work experience. I was very shy and this program helped me a lot. Also, I couldn’t read books and DREAM helped me develop my reading!


The first time I came to DREAM, I said I would volunteer for 4 months. I stayed the entire school year. The second time, I said I was stopping by while on my 2-week vacation then changed my flight and volunteered for 2 months! What’s the allure? Visiting an orphanage for mentally and physically challenged children during a DREAM service project, and finding a uncharted place in your heart that says every time you step foot on this island you will go back to that orphanage and ask Hermana Mercedes, a benevolent nun who single-handedly runs the orphanage, what can you do to help. DREAM facilitates these unexpected encounters, not because they are listed on an itinerary, but because every single organism in the Project moves in the same direction—a unified motion toward the progress of education, cultural awareness, and social responsibility.


victor floresAs a new DREAM volunteer, I have been welcomed into one of the communities that the DREAM Project serves. DREAM is a flexible space for me to grow and pursue my passion to serve youth and their families. Specifically, I have the opportunity to collaborate with passionate co-workers through trainings on classroom instructions and discussions on performance management of the organization itself.

- Victor Flores


The changes we have seen in our little Sebastian are remarkable and special. From the start of classes, we have seen him be able to interact with peers, create a working community, increase his understanding in communication, shapes, and his love for reading and pronunciation. In addition to the activities which are promoted in the classroom environment, there are elements that have enriched his development.

- Juan Guivin, Music Program Coordinator and father

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