DREAM Center Montessori Early Childhood Education

Location: The Doña Flora and Benjamin Rabinovitch Education Center in Cabarete, Dominican Republic
Number of children participating: 500 children ages 3-8 divided between morning and afternoon sessions
DREAM Staff: 9 Montessori teachers, 1 custodian and 1 doorman
Important Donors: Tribeca Pediatrics and Michel Cohn

Our flagship Montessori Program is located in Cabarete and serves as the base of our 5 Montessori Preschools. All of the teachers have completed or are currently enrolled in a Montessori-certification course. For the 2013-14 school year, DREAM has introduced our Early Childhood Education Director, who is supporting the on-going training of the local staff. The families of enrolled students donate two weeks of volunteer hours per year to assist in the preschool, giving parents a chance to see firsthand how their children are benefiting from the program, as well as offsetting staffing costs for DREAM. Through the foundation laid by a quality education in early childhood development, these children are positioned to take full advantage of the years of schooling to come.


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