DREAM Abreu Montessori Program

Location: DREAM Abreu Montessori Classroom, Abreu, Dominican Republic
Number of Children participating: 32 students aged 3-4 years old
DREAM Staff: 3 Montessori teachers
Important Donors: The Playa Grande Foundation

This Early Childhood Education Program is a historic collaboration between DREAM, The Ministry of Education (MINERD) and The Playa Grande Foundation. The foundation first contacted DREAM in 2006 to study the needs of the Abreu community and diagnose the most effective way to improve their education system. After carefully examining the needs assessment with local community leaders, including MINERD’s leadership, the foundation collaborated with DREAM and the local community to establish a Montessori Early Childhood Education Program. Our preschool classroom readies 3-4 year olds for their introduction to the public school program, led by our Montessori trained teachers. This model classroom is a historic public/private initiative that serves The Ministry of Education (MINERD) as a guide for a future, national Early Childhood Education Program. In addition to the program, DREAM and Playa Grande collaborated to build a public library, which compliments the hardworking community and prepares them for continued development in the region.

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