Be their DREAM

Donate to help break the cycle of poverty, the smallest amount can make the biggest difference

We believe that quality, early and continuing education is the most effective way to break the cycle of poverty and change destinies.

The Gift of Education

Give a donation in someone’s name

Are you still trying to figure out what to give that will really give back? Make a contribution to DREAM in the name of your special someone.


Sponsor a full year Pre-school Classroom or Young Star Program forĀ $7,000

The cost of one of our innovative Montessori classrooms or At Risk Youth Programs for one year.

Monthly Giving

Be their DREAM throughout the entire year

$20 a month can add two new books to our public libraries, $50 a month can provide a teacher with materials, $100 can fund a local volunteer and $600 can provide an impoverished community with an entire Montessori Preschool classroom or At Risk Youth program.


Choose from over 60 products with our 4 DREAM designs

It is possible to give and receive! DREAM proceeds go to support our Caraballo Montessori Preschool, so help those most in need and get cool DREAM Gear in return.